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Aurelie’s story: Hypnotherapy for Stress at Works & Confidence

Issue: Stress, Confidence, Managing Reactions & Thought Processes.
Helped using: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Bristol (Clifton)

How did you hear about Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy?

I was advised to go and see Liane from a friend.


Why did you come to Hypnotherapy?

I came to Hypnotherapy because I, often in my life, I felt on a rollercoaster really, very fragile with my emotions and each time something would happen in my life, like I was not coping very well with the challenges in my life, so I came to Hypnotherapy to help me find the tools to cope with life challenges basically.

For me it was mainly with work, work issues, self-confidence at work. I always felt inferior to my colleagues, or to people, but when I got feedback I always took it personally, and got panicked.

Since then I actually feel equal to everyone. I don’t feel inferior to anyone, not even to the boss or head teacher. I believe we are all the same, so that’s a great position to be in. And when I get feedback I remain calm, I know how to respond properly, and, yeah, I don’t take things personally anymore, and I see things more clearly and more objectively, so that’s how it’s helped me.


How did you find the Hypnotherapy for Stress?

So, in the instant time anyway, you have the first session and it’s very relaxing. You feel listened to, you feel understood by Liane, and once you are in Hypnosis you’re very relaxed, lovely. It works with your imagination aswell, so it’s very lovely and beneficial.

You leave the session feeling much more relaxed, as if you have had a massage, and very confident in life, very positive. And then in the very few weeks after that, weirdly, because for me it was weird at first, I was able to cope with problems that could arrive at work, or interaction with colleagues that I used to struggle with, then I was fine.

Ultimately I felt much more grounded and I had a much bigger inner strength. And it’s very subtle, you don’t even realise that it’s working, but it’s actually working.


What were the longer term benefits of Hypnotherapy?

It makes you feel happier, more relaxed, more focused, more positive about life.


Were your Hypnotherapy Sessions good value for money?

It is value for money, definitely I believe, because the impact it’s got on your life is so positive, that to me I wouldn’t think twice. It’s definitely worth it.


What would your advice be to anyone thinking of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome?

I would say, because I did counselling before, I would say go to Hypnotherapy really for a life change. Hypnotherapy helps you to not be a victim of your life any more, but to be actor of your life in a positive way.

Hypnotherapy is empowering , basically, it empowers you for your life. And I would say to anyone go for it. Don’t expect the hypnosis to be as you would imagine on a show. It’s not that at all. It’s much more deep, and it’s like meditation really, a guidance to help you to be happier and to cope with life and to fill the gaps that you have. And yeah, it just gives you the best tools in my opinion to deal with what can happen.

Hypnotherapy can give you the inner strength that you are looking for in your life. It’s done this for me, and for many other friends and people that I know. I’m not the same person since I’ve been doing hypnotherapy sessions. I’m definitely stronger, more grounded, more positive, more focused, and I have much more confidence in life, and in myself, and it’s a great feeling.


Important note: This is Aurelie’s story in her words about her experiences of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome, to help share her success story with other people, who could benefit.  The interactions between therapist and client is confidential, and we respect both our clients and their stories.  However, some stories are too inspiring to be left un-told.  That is why we routinely ask our clients to share their feedback and their stories.  Aurelie has consented to take part in this interview and have her story published and shared.