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Many people blush when they are embarrassed, but for some Blushing can be off the scale, making the sufferer’s existence very difficult indeed. These people presume they cannot control the issue, which generally only serves to make the situation worse.

This is because, as the anxiety about blushing goes up, so will the likelihood of blushing. And the more that you believe the blushing can happen, the more likely it is that it will. This is a paradox, which in many cases can easily be resolved using Hypnotherapy.

Culturally, blushing symbolises embarrassment, self-awareness and self-doubt. Often people who go red experience this to such an extent that it prevents them leading a ‘normal’ life. It can even have an impact on social interaction, causing the sufferer to avoid speaking with or in front of groups of people, even friends.

Of course, romantic life can take a big hit too. For anyone who has an issue with blushing, dates become considerably more difficult. Most of us will have feelings for somebody at some stage in our lives, but we usually wouldn’t want those emotions to be disclosed with an actual sign that cannot be regulated. Concern as well as fear can even cause many people to stay clear of all situations in which they believe they are going to blush. Avoidance is not the answer.

Anyone not suffering from excessive blushing generally will not have developed thought patterns pertaining to blush expectancy. So for them it’s not a problem.

The specific physical system of blushing is exceedingly simple. However, the subconscious reason for turning red-faced isn’t necessarily that simple.

There are different forms of therapy available to help tackle the problem associated with blushing on a conscious level. A hypnotherapist, however, will assist the sufferer to interact with their subconscious mind to keep their confidence high, and their anxiety low. Furthermore, finding out where it all started can allow the hypnotherapist to make the most of further techniques used to effectively re-frame the emotion and feelings associated with and which are causing the blushing. So, figuring out the source of the condition can help people to recognise it, tackle it and completely remove or more accurately replace it’s emotional connotations.

Hypnotherapists regularly deal with the behavioural patterns, which drive issues like blushing. They do this on a conscious and subconscious level, so that the individual concerned no longer fears the event of blushing. This in turn removes the trigger or expectation of blushing, and serves to eliminate the problem.

When the total mind is put to use, then gaining control over blushing stops being so difficult, as there is no further need to consciously try to stop it’s occurance. Once achieved, then the problem is effectively taken away completely.