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Brendan’s story: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

Issue: Anxiety, Depression
Helped using: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Stroud (Nailsworth)
Hypnotherapist: Liane Ulbricht-Kazan

Why did you come to Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy?

I’d experienced depression from quite a young age– from my teens– and had managed and coped with that reasonably well. But over the last few years, I started experiencing anxiety along with it and actually found that anxiety quite paralysing in actually trying to do things with myself in life. And it actually resulted me taking medication– and which, as I say having dealt with depression for a long time and not done that– that was quite a hard thing to deal with and to accept.

One of the problems I found with the medication was that whilst it dampened down the anxiety it had the ultimate effect of dampening down the ability to do things and make changes and absorb things like that in life. So I desperately wanted to make some changes like that. And having spent a year or so trying to do things and hitting brick walls, I finally came across Liane.


What was the goal of your Hypnotherapy Sessions?

The main thing I wanted to achieve was some changes– some very quite fundamental changes– in how I was feeling and the choices I was making in life.
So just having a little bit of belief in myself to go along with some of these things, and just that constant kind of sense of progress– that feeling of progress, I suppose. I’m fifty, I’ve got two kids, I’ve got a job and everything closes in on you and you stop seeing yourself as an individual and that opportunity to progress yourself. A little bit of that is coming back. In fact a lot of that is coming back, to be honest.


What were your first impressions of the Service?

I found Liane so empathetic when it was appropriate to be– when she could be– sympathetic at other times. And it just became a little bit of a sanctuary for a while to come along to here. So [those] were some of the short-term benefits. It’s like it just gave you a holding place to be and to just let some ideas kind of work through. So that was probably the main short term benefit: just dealing better on a day to day basis but at a very fundamental level.


How did you find your Hypnotherapy Sessions?

Well very quickly from the sessions– the initial sessions that I had with her– it just felt very comfortable, very easy to talk with her. And almost immediately felt the sense that [this] is someone that could help me make the changes. And it wasn’t the case that I felt that Liane could make the changes for me. It was very much a case of it was me making the changes and Liane helping with that.

For me, one of the things that really worked was the stories that Liane would tell and the way she explained why she was telling them. For me that allowed a way of extracting a problem and letting you then work it through yourself. So you can take something on board that was very simple in a story and then take it on board and over the next week or two just let that work. So the stories– the way of just making it all very gentle the whole process– I think that, for me, that really really worked.


What benefits have you felt from your Hypnotherapy Sessions?

A year and a half on from when I first started seeing Liane, I’m no longer taking medication, the depression Is largely under control, the anxiety has largely gone (until I do things like this).
Other changes that I’ve wanted to do– a good example is I’ve attempted to play a guitar since my teens–and for the last 30 years I’ve been threatening to get lessons. But finally, last year, I did. And it’s things like that that are hard to quantify exactly where and why it’s happened. But I do think that this process of working through with some of these problems with Liane has very definitely contributed to that.

The longer term benefits, as I say, started to come about with making those changes– I mentioned the guitar there– that’s one thing. I tried to do some exercise last year and discovered that in my relaxed years I’ve not done any since I seem to have developed asthma, which made it very challenging to do that. But over the last year I’ve ended up doing some of these Tough Mother-type things where I’ve kind of finally managed to get on top of some of these things.


Would you say Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy offers value for money?

I struggled a little with that because it’s not cheap– and I probably saw Liane for maybe 6 months on a reasonably regular basis. But it always felt it was value to me even though it was expensive– I had to really make those judgments. And I can certainly say that I’ve spent an awful lot more money on things that bring significantly less value for me–including things that I was trying to do to make things better for me. So it’s very hard to make that because that outlay you’re making on a weekly or fortnightly basis (or whatever it happens to be) is significant. But for me, I certainly don’t regret them in any way.


What would your advice be to anyone thinking of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome?

For me, the advice I would give people is if you’re trying to make changes, and those changes aren’t happening for you, I think the hypnotherapy– and particularly Liane’s way of delivering that– will help you make the changes. As I say, she’s not going to make the changes for you. It’s a little bit like having somebody holding your hand and making that feel okay. That’s, I think, the important bit. I do find myself regularly recommending people to come along and try or come to see you.


Important note: This is Brendan’s story in his words about his experiences of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome, to help share his success story with other people, who could benefit.  The interactions between therapist and client is confidential, and we respect both our clients and their stories.  However, some stories are too inspiring to be left un-told.  That is why we routinely ask our clients to share their feedback and their stories.  Brandan has consented to take part in this interview and have his story published and shared.