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Causes of Insomnia helped using Hypnotherapy

We can think of insomnia as a by-product of getting certain aspects of our lives wrong in some way or another. For example, by worrying too much. Some people we see even add to the problem by further worrying about their lack of sleep, which of course only compounds the problem.

Any increase in stress, anxiety and the exacerbation they feel about not being able to cope with lack of sleep will typically lead to more sleepless nights, and the vicious cycle continues.  For some, its onset may simply be triggered by having something on their mind. For example, worrying about an exam or presentation that’s coming up, or not managing to get over something that has already happened.

It is useful to remember that the mind does not differentiate between what is imagined and what is real, and the mind responds all the same, regardless of whether there is a real or perceived threat!

If we imagine that things will go wrong, then they will do, at least in our own minds. In fact, the stories we tell ourselves are the ones that define our reality. In other words, they are our subjective experience of the world.  So, if we are getting the story wrong, seeing things from the worst case point of view, obsessing about the details, and not keeping a balanced intellectual view of things, then it’s easy to see how sleeplessness can turn into full blown insomnia.

Insomnia sufferers often see sleeplessness and insomnia as their normality, but this does not have to be the case, as our countless testimonials show. How we feel and cope with life’s situations and challenges is something, which we can influence.  A better life is within reach…