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Grief. No topic better demonstrates the fact that, regardless of how well we are doing in life, and how well we cope with adversity, things sometimes happen, which are difficult to deal with.

Although grief affects all of us at some stage, many people endure it’s negative effects for a great many years longer than they need. If you think of grief as a process, which we go through, then it is certainly useful in many ways to progress through this and continue as soon as possible to live our lives again in a positive and meaningful way.

But the thoughts associated with grief can be very powerful, and include guilt, anger, remorse, sorrow, to name a few. They affect even the strongest amongst us.

Here it’s useful to remember that every negative thought that we have is essentially transformed into anxiety. This anxiety in turn adds to life’s stresses and strains, causing primitive reactions, which are not conducive to again feeling happy and content. If we are not careful, we may enter into a negative self-sustaining cycle of stress, anxiety, and even depression, which may need some extra help to shift.

Hypnotherapists would not ordinarily work with grief of a loved one until it’s gone on for too long, but what is too long? The turning point is when you decide enough is enough, and I want to get back on with your life.

Grief comes in many shapes and sizes

You are probably thinking of grief as the loss of someone close. But it’s not just the loss of someone you care about that we can grieve over. Things like relationship breakdown, divorce, and even losing a prized possession like a family home can instigate the mourning process, and can all be effectively helped through hypnotherapy.

Life after death

Grieving is normal, the catch is when a person is not able to move forward even after months or even years. In some cases grief can be deferred for many years, particularly if they couldn’t grieve at the time. A person may then be annoyed at themselves because they are not grieving, or they may fear the grief itself.

Grief may be aided by hypnotherapy

It’s imperative to recall our loved one and at the same time have the ability to accept our loss. The overwhelming emotions grief generates can be brought in check making use of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapists have useful methods to help stop the negative internal thoughts that we have about the demise of a loved one and replace them with more desirable, and hopefully beneficial ones.

As soon as people become aware of their thoughts, it allows them to tackle these properly and start on the road to recovery. When you’re able to grieve properly you can start focusing on the qualities that person had.