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Something you can do Today!

Part of our sessions and programmes involves listening to self-relaxation tracks on a daily basis, which really helps the process.

So, in order for you to get started today, we have found that it is most useful to give you access to these resources straight away.

This does not need to take any time out of your day, and it can best be done when you decide it’s time to sleep. It does not matter if you do not stay awake until the end.

We are sure that you will enjoy the process, we certainly do….

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Select the link below (in purple), which corresponds to your therapist:

Liane’s Relaxation CD.1

Night Time Version

– for when you want to go to sleep.

Day Time Version

– for when you only want to take a short break.

German Anytime Version

– for German clients only!

Sam’s Relaxation CD.1

Anytime Version

– for night and day time listening.



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