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Liane's Relaxation CD.1 (without count up) | Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy


Liane’s Relaxation CD.1 (without count up)

Night Time Version

This version of CD.1 for relaxation is for use by those people, who do not wish to have a count up at the end of their CD. It’s available to download below. Please note that there are no links to this page within the site, so you must enter or save the full URL. Bookmark this for future use, or download the track now.



Download this file to mobile devices including iPhone & iPad (including other devices with the Dropbox App) using Dropbox:
1) Download and Install the ‘Dropbox’ application on your device.
2) Create a Free Account if you do not have one already.
3) Make sure that you’re looking at THIS WEBPAGE on said device.
4) Click Here to open the link. This will launch the Dropbox application where you can stream the file in the app.
5) SELECT ‘Save to my Dropbox’.
6) SELECT ‘Make Available Offline’.
7) You will now be able to play a local copy of the file on the Dropbox app, which is saved on your Dropbox account.

Download this file (Windows Users):
1) Right Click Here.
2) Select option ‘Save link as…’.
3) Choose a filename and location on your computer to save this file.

Download this (MAC Users):
1) Hold the ‘ctrl’ key and Click Here.
2) Select option ‘Download Linked File’.
3) Access this file in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

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