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Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Confidence is the natural state that exists in the absence of things such as fear or self-doubt.  Think about a newborn baby.  We enter the world full of confidence.  If we want something, we demand it.  So it follows that any kind of lack of confidence is something that is later learned.  If you are feeling anxious or fearful, then you might think of this as a confidence issue.  But that depends on what it is.  Are you qualified and able?  Or are you right not to start?  Is it dangerous or safe to continue?

Here we are really talking about objectivity vs. emotion.  The intellectual brain vs. the original primitive brain, which we share with other animals. Confidence has everything to do with which part of the brain we are operating from.  Many of us are unaware of the subconscious patterns that are holding us back and making us feel like we might need help with confidence. But we are all confident in many areas of life, and this is the strength that we can choose to build upon.

Of course, help with confidence is not the same as help with taking excessive risks.  Most of us can be confident that we will continue breathing in our sleep.  We don’t even think about it.  This is because the subconscious mind takes care of this so effortlessly that we don’t need to do anything about it.  We have the required skills and are relaxed on the topic, and thus we are confident.



Nobody comes to see us with unreasonable requests.  Never are we asked for help with confidence to commit self-harm, start smoking, or become an alcoholic.  The rational mind knows better than that.  We are asked for help with confidence for better performance, a happier life, any kind of positive results for that matter.  In fact, many people don’t start out by telling us exactly what they want confidence with.  It really doesn’t matter where you start, or what ultimate aspirations you have been keeping secret from the world.  This is all part of the unfolding that usually happens amongst our clients.  One small success fuels a change in perspective from which the next step forward may be identified.  It’s our job to get you facing in the right direction so that you can get a clearer picture of your path to success.


Help with Confidence Bristol, Stroud, Cheltenham, Nailsworth & Gloucester

Everything we do is based on a scientific understanding of how the brain works.  We know that if you want to change your future, then you must also change your actions, your interactions, and some of the thought patterns that you follow habitually.  Perhaps you are aware of many of the things that get in your way, but one thing is for sure, thinking about all the reasons not to do something will not provide the positive motivation you need to get there.


Many of the assumptions you make about what you are able to do, will, in fact, be right.  Think about those moments of clarity you have when you know you can do something, and you can even see yourself doing it.  Then you go back into an old pattern.  Well here’s this thing, you were right the first time.  If you go back far enough in your life story, there was a time before any confidence issue existed.  This is still there within you somewhere, and it’s our job to get you back into that place.  You can certainly do it, if it is reasonable and makes good sense, and this is the belief, which you must cultivate.


Confidence Help Bristol & Gloucestershire

We use hypnotherapy along with performance coaching in order to work with clients on both a conscious and subconscious level.  The process involves a little challenge, and a lot of rewards, with the underlying aim to have fun along the way.  It’s not about fighting, rather learning to relax more, and think better so that we promote the right balance of chemicals in the brain that leads to the kind of positive and optimistic rational motivation that is able to get the job done.


Hypnotherapy for Confidence in Bristol & Gloucestershire

We work with clients over the course of several weeks, typically around 2-3 months, or until the useful patterns are formed, which can then become self-supporting.  Sessions last an hour, and there are a few relaxation exercises to do in between, but it is more about taking small doable actions that add up over time.


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