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Help with dentophobia Bristol & Gloucestershire - Hypnotherapy


Get Dentophobia Help in Bristol,
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Help with Dentophobia Bristol & Gloucestershire

Do you run a mile at the thought of the dentists? Need to get some dental work done? Afraid to take your kids for dental treatment? High anxiety surrounds every dental appointment? Ever thought about getting expert help with dentophobia?

Dentophobia is not as specific as you might think.  If you have an acute fear response to any aspect of dentistry, typically related to the need for a dental appointment, then you may have dentophobia, and hypnosis can almost certainly help you……

What is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety can easily be identified by it’s symptoms, which are in fact general symptoms of anxiety, which can also relate directly to the dental profession. If you get anxious about visiting the dentist, then you are certainly not alone. Studies show that 32% of people experience some anxiety surrounding their appointment, and for 12% this is ‘extreme’. However, you will be pleased to know that clinical Hypnotherapy may be able to help with many if not all of your symptoms of dentophobia.

Hypnotherapy can help with Symptoms of Dentophobia such as:

High Anxiety
Can’t Think Straight
Sweaty Palms
Heavy Breathing
Short Temper
Dry Mouth
High Blood Pressure
Irritable Bowels
Irritable Bowels
Weak Bladder
Fidgeting & Restelessness
Childish Behaviour
Being Rude
Being Talkative
Running Away!


…..as well as Fears of Things like:

Dental Drills
Authority (White Coat Syndrome)
Being restrained
includes items like Buttons
or Cotton Wool
Infection/ Sickness


Hypnotherapy for Dental Anxiety & Fear

When any traumatic event occurs at a time of excessive stress, the subsequent reaction can be so strong that the memory is maintained as a survival template, or fear memory. The limbic system is on a permanent lookout, scanning the environment and comparing all incoming information with these templates. Such templates contain all the relevant information to safeguard against future similar threats or occurrences. The event itself along with other loosely associated aspects trigger a state of extreme alarm. In most cases this leads to further anxiety, stress and avoidance. It often becomes more generalised as the anxiety spills over into other aspects of life, affecting work, relationships, sleep, general mood, confidence, and self control.

Professional clinical hypnosis, which takes into account the most modern brain research can be hugely effective at helping people with dentophobia. This is being proven time and time again though the scientific research within the field of neuroscience.



How does Hypnotherapy for Dentophobia work?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy first uses the natural state of trance, combined with repetition, metaphor, and relaxation, in order to lower generalised anxiety. Then a very effective technique called Rewind literally moves the fear memory from the limbic system to the higher cortex of the brain, where it will no longer act as a fear memory. Finally, a technique called Reframe is used to provide the context for your future learned responses – this provides the template for what your visit to the dentist will look like for you – without the excess anxiety, discomfort, phobia or fear.


How long does it take?

Our approach is short-term, and can help you beyond your dental anxiety, fear or phobia in as little as 4 weekly sessions… However, in people with generally high levels of anxiety, this can take longer, as the overall anxiety must first be reduced in order to get the best form this procedure. Suitability and the required number of sessions or programme is assessed at the Initial Consultation.


Why choose us?

Our approach is modern, effective & comfortable. It does not involve any form of exposure therapy. We are full time professional clinical hypnotherapists with a lot of successful experience at helping people deal with phobia and fear templates, which is not only limited to dentophobia.

We also work closely with the dental profession, running regular lectures and workshops for dental professionals throughout the south west of England. But don’t just take our word for it, also check out some of our client feedback. If you think you suffer from Dentophobia, or are a dental professional and would like to find out more, then please get in touch.

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