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Help with Depression Bristol

We believe that effective help with depression will always involve getting the brain active, whilst cultivating a positive and optimistic outlook to life.  In primitive terms you can think of depression as a great way of conserving energy, when the outlook is bleak, in order to ‘survive the winter’.  This explains the slowing down and hibernation tendencies of depressed people.

If you are suffering from depression, then life generally seems pretty bleak.  Depressed moods tend to cause people to avoid doing things they ‘don’t feel like’, even when it is important.  Lack of energy, motivation, confidence, as well as social and other interests can give rise to multiple duvet days, and further avoidance of anything remotely challenging.

Many people become numb to the world, defunct of feeling anything either positive (or even negative), and fall into a state of apathy, which may also be tinged with anxiety and/ or short temper. There can also be physical consequences such as migraine, IBS, lowered immune system, increased of existing chronic pain.  Bottom line is that you know that it can’t go on like this, and you want to do better.  If this sounds familiar you, then keep reading…..


Ever considered Hypnotherapy to Help with Depression?

Clinical hypnosis to help with depression symptoms AND causes is suitable for all kinds of depressed mood in just about everybody.   We use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  This approach is all about getting you moving and thinking forward.  The whole aim is to stimulate healthy brain chemical responses to life’s positive aspects by encouraging you on both a conscious and subconscious level to think, act, and interact positively.  This is how you can reconnect with your innate intellectual resources, and turn a downward spiral into an upward spiral, which is self-sustaining and rewarding!


How does Hypnotherapy for Depression work?

When we operate from the main cortex of the brain, the intellectual part, we’re not overly negative.  In fact, we are generally very optimistic and positive.  We probably meet adversity with light hearted humor!

What happens in the world is ambiguous, but we try to read meaning into it.  We’ve all heard the term ‘rose tinted spectacles’.  Well, you can think of depression as the opposite.  The stories we tell ourselves are more significant than the actual events, and this is where we can literally create or sabotage our own happiness.  When we are operating from the primitive parts of the brain (think fight, flight or freeze), where we respond instinctively, we will always respond to these events with depression, anxiety, and anger, or a combination of all three.  We often respond subconsciously following learned patterns and templates of behaviour, that are not consistent with you being at your best.



This is done by positive interaction, positive thought, and positive activity.  We won’t tell you what to do, but we do know the right questions to ask to get you thinking in a useful way, so that you can get your serotonin flowing!

Practice makes perfect, and being happy, motivated, confidence, producing and upbeat is no exception.  In order to achieve this we have to engage both areas of the brain.  Hypnosis is when use both areas focus on the same thing, and when we do this regularly we can affect our physiology and lift depression in a most significant and self-sustaining way.


How long does it take?

The tangled web of depression can take varying amounts of time to untangle, but it is always a short-term therapeutic process.  The causes of depression do not need to be understood in detail, in order to get back on top.  That’s why the solution focused approach encourages you to think about things that are positive for you.  The mind cannot be focused on the positive and the negative simultaneously, so when the positives become your main theme you will be well on your way.

Progress will depend on your willingness to engage with the conscious process, so that we can get the most out of hypnosis.  The severity of the depression is also a factor, but we normally see people for up to 12 sessions in order to establish solid patterns, which are self-sustaining.


Is it for me?

If you want to a feel happy, motivated, confident, relaxed and content, whilst achieving your worthwhile personal, social and professional goals, then Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy is probably for you.  You might want to improve your relationships or establish new ones.  You might want to be more productive, engage more in activities, hobbies, and social events, or just lift your mood and get out of a rut.  The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy approach is suitable for just about everybody who wants to get a better deal from life.


Why choose us?

Because we not only believe you can change, we know that you can! After all, the vast majority of us have all the same parts of the brain in-tact, but it’s what we do with it that counts.  Our practitioners are experts in the field of solution focused clinical and performance hypnosis, and we always apply an evidence-based and scientific approach, which takes into account the latest research in neuroscience.

We do not judge anybody, but we do offer education and absolute clarity on how you can turn things around quickly and effectively.  It’s a personal choice, so it’s very important that you choose a hypnotherapist whom you feel comfortable with.  Why not book an initial consultation and find out for yourself, if this is right for you?


With appointments for Hypnotherapy in Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud, Nailsworth & Gloucestershire, we are the first choice for expert help with Depression in Bristol & Gloucestershire.  Take a look at what our clients say about us, and make the right decision to get in touch today.

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