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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Do you find yourself lying awake for hours unable to fall asleep?  Are you sleeping lightly or waking up regularly during the night?  Do you wake up too early?   Are your sleep patterns disrupted? ….. Most people will experience all of these issues at various times, and we can all cope with lack of sleep, to a point…. But thankfully, there is something you can do about it!

Everybody knows that a regular good night’s sleep we can be left feeling drained and irritable. But what’s less commonly known is that at the most basic levels of brain function the solution to avoiding this issue in the first place is not complicated, and it’s essentially the same for everyone!

Insomnia and sleeplessness have everything to do with being too alert, stressed, anxious, worried, even angry. All of these issues and more can be helped using Hypnotherapy.  Better sleep is actually a byproduct of everything else that we can do to help you get a better deal from all aspects of your life.



Early man and early women were given a reward for carrying our the evolutionary practices of hunting, gathering and operating as a tribe.  They were rewarded for positive activities, positive interactions, and positive thought.  In fact, they evolved because they were able to do this.  In this respect, nothing much has changed, and we still have the same primitive reactions to life that we had then.  So, if there is a perceived threat of some kind, then we will remain on alert, even at night, when it’s time to go to sleep.


Help with Insomnia and Sleep Disorders in Bristol & Gloucestershire

Rationally, we know that the thing that is worrying us is probably not life threatening, and even if it is, we know that worrying about it doesn;t help, but this in itself is not enough to calm down the thinking, and get us into a relaxed state for sleep.  There are patterns involved in relaxation, as indeed there are patterns involved in stress & anxiety.  So, it’s important to emply the right patterns, if we are to get a good night’s sleep and get over our insomnia.



It does not matter where you begin this journey.  In fact, you have already begun.  If you are reading this you are already considering ways to get moving forward.  So why not get some expert guidance.  The only reason you cannot sleep is that your mind is too active in an unproductive way.  Even if the threat is real, nothing in the future has yet been determined.  Actually, the future is only a product of your thoughts, interpreted in the moment by your thoughts.  It’s so important to spend more time thinking and acting positively, as this is what reduces anxiety and worry in the first place so that you can then enjoy relaxing into sleep each night.


Insomnia Help Bristol & Gloucestershire

Relaxation is the key.  That’s why hypnotherapy is such a good tool for helping with Insomnia.  Manny clients describe their experience of Hypnotherapy as a form of guided relaxation.  Just like any skill, relaxation can be learned, so that it does become more instinctive.  When you are relaxed, then you also operate from the part of the brain that is best able to come up with the solutions that pose the threat or worry in the first place.  So why not get in touch if you’d like to find out more.


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