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Hypnotherapy for Motivation

There are many kinds of motivation.  Motivation can be positive, negative, helpful or constructive.  You might think that motivation is always good, but there’s a little more to it than that.  If you feel you are lacking in motivation, then we can probably help. We work with a model that encoumpases the attitude of mind, as well the physiology of getting motivated, in a way that helps you get clear on what you want, without prescribing any do’s and don’ts. You will lead the way!

To understand just how Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for motivation can help, then you must begin with an understanding of how the brain works, and how our physiology may help or hinder our best intentions, even though we really are trying hard!

The mind doesn’t work in mysterious ways.  In fact, we now know that feeling motivated is actually a chemical process int he brain that produces these things called neurotransmitters.  The one we talk about the most is called serotonin. When the brain and the body produce a constant flow of serotonin, then we absolutely do feel positively motivated towards achieving positive outcomes.  The operative word here is ‘positive’.  And as a side effect of this, we also feel calm and relaxed as opposed to stressed and on edge.



What many people don’t realise is that if you take a step back from the situation, and consider the effects of our actions, then it’s safe to say that getting in too much of a hurry to complete a task can be counter productive.  It’s easy to wait until the last minute and then over do our efforts to complete a task or tasks, racing from one thing to the next, then getting completely burned out.  We’d argue that this is a very common strategy, which does not yield the best results in the medium to long term.


Help with Motivation Bristol & Gloucestershire

The problem with an adrenaline-fueled approach like this is that it directly affects our physiology in a way that does not optimise the brain for peak performance.  We need to be working smarter, not faster if we are to have stamina.  So, motivation is not just about getting things done, but rather getting the right things done in the right order.  When we can bypass old established default thought patterns, then we can use our intellect to simply know better.  By this I mean not just waiting for the moment when you feel motivated, rather doing what needs doing so that you can get the reward for that achievement, which is the serotonin that builds our levels of motivation consistently over time.



It does not matter where you begin this journey.  In fact, you have already begun.  If you are reading this you are already considering ways to get moving forward.  You might like to consider that anything which you do that is inherently positive for you in some way is a good place to start.  Any positive action, interaction, or thought will contribute to your motivation, but you must been looking for this consistently.  At the same time, you must turn your attention away from anything that is negative for long enough to gain objectivity in how you assess your situation.  And you must look beyond you current reality to get clear kn what is the right thing for you tomorrow, and put your best foot forward.


Motivation Help Bristol & Gloucestershire

Our hypnotherapists help with the motivation not by telling you what to do.  They believe instead that you know better than anyone how to more forward.  But they do not what questions to ask to help you identify your goals and the required actions.  They also offer an alternative perspective on what you think and how you interpret situations and teach you methods of altering your thought patterns and interpretations in a way that allows you to go on promoting the production of serotonin and thus also motivation in the long term.  It’s more about getting the right toolkit for life than a form of therapy.

Once you have had a few sessions you will begin to build the momentum you need, and in most cases, the transformation is very quick.  Most clients become far more efficient in how they do things, and that’s what makes life easier and more enjoyable.  Getting things done right, and enjoying life on autopilot is the name of the game, so that you no longer waste energy on indecision and procrastination, or burn yourself our with stress, and anxiety.

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