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There are plenty of different feelings that people in Knowle and Bristol experience during the day, most of us can handle these feelings and stay in control. However, for some people, controlling their rage can be very difficult, causing great difficulties in their life for themselves and people around them. Anxiety, stress and in some instances depression are acknowledged to be linked with uncontrolled temper but there are effective ways of coping with them.

Suffering with Anger in Knowle?

Rage can trigger quite a few of the physical responses that stress has – raising pulse rate, blood pressure levels and adrenalin levels.  These significant problems can cause problems in their daily life on more often than not these problems can spill into their work as well as relationships with family and friends.
Anger can be shown in a great many forms, from social discomfort and general aggravation to violent outbursts over minor scenarios, such as ‘road rage’ when driving. Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral leading to mental health problems for instance depression, as well as medical conditions such as raised blood pressure.
The reasons behind anger problems vary enormously from person to person. It is commonly painful past incidents, the requirement to be in control, feeling insecure or inadequate and hard life situations that trigger anger problems. All of these rage triggers are readily helped by utilising hypnosis.

How to get Help for Anger Issues

Hypnotherapist KnowleHypnotherapy works by establishing underlying issues that may be the reason for these anger problems, and talking to the subconscious in order to alter the thought processes and ways that people think. Additionally, the process of hypnotherapy is naturally relaxing, which will help to reduce the adrenaline levels, allowing the individual to cope better with previously stressful circumstances.
Hypnotherapy helps people to respond differently to trigger circumstances which help to prevent the anger rising to begin with. Instead, it will help the person truly feel so much more at ease and comfortable with the circumstance, and able to tackle things rather more calmly.
Knowle Hypnotherapist Sam Little adds… “just as removing fuel from a fire stops it spreading; simply by helping the person to overcome the underlying reasons behind rage can lead to a dramatic improvement in their social and work life”.
What people in Knowle can learn to understand, is that Anger and Rage outburst can easily become normal, but that does not mean that they are useful, or good for us.  But perhaps more importantly, it is an easy thing to help people with.  Perhaps the most important key to overcoming Anger, is Relaxation.  To find out more, come in and see us.  If you would like to get help in Bristol, get in touch today.