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Anger & The Brain: Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

Anger is our mind’s stress-related emergency response to a perceived or actual threat. For example, when we feel the need to defend ourselves and our loved ones from immediate and actual danger. Although it is a normal and natural part of our range of emotions, it is usually not an appropriate or measured response to the actual events of our everyday lives.

Take for example two people in exactly the same situation. One reacts with anger, and the other with a measured and considered response. Whose actions will have the highest gain, objectively speaking of course?

So when you think about it, it’s not usually the situation in itself, which is the cause of the anger problem, but the way we choose to view and respond to it.

Figuratively speaking, anger can be seen as an emotional hijacking of the brain, which amongst other things causes us to think that we are absolutely right for being angry. It also causes us to lose Intellectual control and to hand over the reins to the more emotional and negative primitive brain. It’s a cause of very short term thinking.

Because anger is generated within the brain and brought about when our so called ‘stress bucket’ becomes full, the most effective way to control it then is to stay away from that tipping point by effectively reducing our stress levels using brain-based anger management techniques.


Why Hypnotherapy for Anger Management?

Our excellent anger management strategies avoid the need to suppress the anger. Instead, we will work with you in seeking out ways that prevent the anger or rage from occurring in the first place.

You may be able to identify the triggers. But more importantly, here at Changes Welcome, we know which questions to ask to identify your path towards achieving positive response patterns and a happier future.

By engaging in positive alternatives that allow you to cope better with the things which are triggering the anger response in the first place, Hypnotherapy not only helps with anger management, but the positive side effects can be wide-reaching.

Our goal is always to get you operating within positive parameters. Our approach is to use Hypnotherapy to develop patterns and habits of thinking, acting, and interacting positively. This encourages you to remain in intellectual control at all times. When achieved, this causes us to steer clear of the negative behaviours and habits that cause the issues in the first place.