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Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain Management

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain management is a long term solution to help distract from and lessen chronic pain, increase independence, and literally move the focus away from the pain. It’s all about helping people to improve their subjective experience, whilst helping them relax, reduce tensions, anxiety and fears associated with their presenting issue, and regain control.

There are a number of possible causes of long-term pain, which can be helped using hypnotherapy. These include conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS) and fibromyalgia.

If you are experiencing pain on a regular basis, you are always advised to see your doctor for a diagnosis, but we advise that you take the necessary steps to stay positive and optimistic, to get the feel good factor back into your life in whatever works for you.


How does Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain Management work?

One important aspect of hypnotherapy for chronic pain management is to consider the link between the body and mind. We know that there is a signal sent from the body area to the brain through C-fibres. But it’s the brain that creates the pain. Consider phantom pain, for example. Despite the fact that the body part no longer exists, the area where an amputated limb once existed ‘causes’ agony to the sufferer. So, the experience of pain must take place in the brain!

The mind’s response to pain affects how strongly the physical sensations are experienced, and for how long, and this has everything to do with brain chemistry. After all, we are talking here about a redundant pain signal.

Common side effects such as Stress, anxiety and depression are also responsible for increasing and prolonging the chronic pain felt. Furthermore, tension caused by an inability to relax popery, in many cases only serves to increase the pain further.

The aim of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is to cultivate a positive subjective experience of life, which promotes a constant flow of serotonin and gets us operating from the intellectual parts of the brain, where we operate effectively and optimistically.

This works on the premise that when we have those happy hormones flowing, our stress, tension, fear, and anxiety etc is lessened, and we are able to cope with life in a more sustainable way. The positive brain signals literally become stronger than the chronic pain signals, and have the ability to stop them in their tracks.

Once our stress reactions have lessened sufficiently, we become better able to relax, and the nervous system becomes less reactive to pain, which in turn makes all the difference to pain perception.


Why use Hypnotherapy to help with Pain Management?

feeling pain. Imagine an old-fashioned switchboard, disconnect the pain line, and replace it with another more positive call!

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain management promotes refocused attention away from the pain and into something, which is more positive, and it’s our job to help you learn what that is, and how that can be achieved.

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain management can be used alongside traditional medical approaches. Seeking medical support is essential in helping you to practically manage your condition (which may include some form of physical therapy), while mind-body therapies like hypnotherapy can be an effective tool to use as part of your ongoing chronic pain management plan, in order to help with related symptoms whilst changing the way you cope with life’s challenges.