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What makes Hypnotherapy for Insomnia an effective solution?

Insomnia can when we get stressed, worried, anxious or fearful in life, and a lack of sleep can lead to the downward spiral that only goes on to make matters worse, as a lack of sleep further adds to our worries, and to our inability to cope effectively. The insomnia or sleeplessness may be triggered by a particular event, but it’s up to us to manage our thought patterns in a way that does not lead to sleeping or other difficulties, and this is where Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial.

As far as the mind is concerned there is no difference at all between a real or perceived threat. So, if we think things will turn out badly, then as far as the mind is concerned, they will. This is because even if things do go well, we’ve already experienced the negative within our imaginations. After all, our assessment of the day is all about our subjective experience of it, and if this is bad, or leaves us in a high state of alert or stress, then this is vary much a cause of sleeplessness or insomnia.

Behavioural and talking therapies, as well as sleeping tablets, are just some of the alternatives available to help with insomnia. It’s no secret that something as simple as taking regular exercise and avoiding caffeine drinks in the evening can certainly help too. However, if your case is severe it could be worth consulting your GP in order to eliminate any physical causes.

Hypnotherapy helps to maintain positive patterns of thought that negate the causes of sleeplessness and insomnia in the first place. By instead going in for the kind of positive thought, interaction and activity that promote the production of feel good brain chemicals, we can learn to function, think and feel in a much calmer and more relaxed way, and eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety from our behavioural thought processes.

Another important aspects of healthy mental functioning that we talk about in session is REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). REM will not only reduced through sleeplessness and insomnia, but it can also be skipped entirely when using certain sleeping tablets, alcohol, or other drugs to help us nod off. This is highly undesirable, because without REM sleep, we do not have the capability to process the emotional thoughts and reactions of the day (our emotional memories). We are instead encouraged to operate from a part of the brain, where negative and obsessive thoughts, worry, and anxiety are at home.

Hypnotherapy is all about building positive patterns in the brain, which allow us to maintain an appropriate level of optimism, during the day and shut down at night.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for insomnia looks for the solutions to the problem (triggers) that you didn’t even know were keeping you awake. This process aims to address these on both a conscious and a subconscious level, whilst re-educating the mind to simply expect to get a good night’s sleep, without getting disappointed.

The therapeutic strategies offered at Changes Welcome have already helped 100s of people improve their sleep patterns, but is doesn’t stop there. Our approach also helps to equip people with effective tools to live a more relaxed and happier life after their therapy for insomnia.


How long will it take?

Our aim is to get you where you want to be in the shortest time possible, and improvements are usually made within the first week. The 8 week programme for insomnia is usually the best solution in most cases. However, it will of course depend on the severity of the issue, and the complexity of the contributing factors, all of which can be discussed at your initial consultation.