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Hypnotherapy for Stress: Subconscious Causes of Stress

Life’s events in themselves do not necessarily give rise to the stress response. Rather, it’s the way we think about and respond to those events, and this is where Hypnotherapy for stress can be hugely beneficial, both in our own lives, and in the lives of our partners, children, friends, family, and colleagues.

Many factors contribute to, and greatly influence our thought processes, which lead to the stress response that we feel when we are ‘stressed out’. For example, core beliefs, perceptions, our backgrounds, flexibility, and emotional resilience all affect our ability to cope. But most of all, it’s how we view and react to the world (life’s past present and future events) that determine how much adverse stress we create for ourselves.

Because so many of our reactions are subconscious, then we need to address these also on a subconscious level. Using hypnosis is a huge advantage when working with the subconscious mind.

Each and every negative thought we have (regarding past, present, or future) is accumulated and lands in our “stress bucket” for our minds to process later. As the imagination is taken over by a cycle of negative thinking, we may perceive all or most things negatively, even when actually they are positive or at worst ambiguous, thus adding to our stress. This downward spiral can cause us to literally lose control of our intellectual ability and capacity to come up with a proper assessment of things and thus function we function ineffectively.

So, even though the event itself is often blamed, it does not have to be the direct cause of the negative and undesirable psychological state that people often refer to as being or feeling stressed.


Why Hypnotherapy for Stress?

That’s why it’s important to recognize when the primitive mind is taking over, when we encounter stress, and to learn to redirect the thinking back to the intellectual mind, because that’s the part that can come up with innovative solutions.  Because stress is caused by a combination of our brain chemistry and neurological functioning, physiology, and other psychological factors, it makes sense to use brain-based solutions like psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for stress management.

Changes Welcome practitioners are highly experienced at helping you find the solutions, which are right for you.

Our experts employ techniques that work in both the conscious (using tools and mental exercises) and subconscious levels (which usually includes hypnotherapy) for stress management to be truly effective in their clients’ lives. They are also very knowledgeable about methods that help clients stay within their intellectual capacity to overcome stress and enjoy life to the fullest.