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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Food sometimes takes on a different role other than its primary purpose (i.e. to provide nourishment for our bodies), and we sometimes cultivate an emotional relationship with it (e.g. we eat when we are upset, bored, lonely or miserable, or comfort eating) or use it as a reward as previously mentioned. But when our health begins to suffer because we do not control or moderate the types and amount of food we eat, then it begins a domino effect in other areas of our life, which we need to rectify, if we want to get the best from life. Aside from the medical conditions that arise from being overweight (e.g higher risk of developing heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc.), there are also social repercussions (including discrimination, verbal/emotional bullying and even physical abuse).

To successfully lose and keep weight off, going on a six-week purge and then bingeing or going back to your previous habits for the next six just won’t help. It’s important to make real and often major lifestyle changes like eating a balanced, healthy diet and exercising more. This can be quite a challenge– after all, food temptations abound and are advertised on every corner, and diets and exercise take time and effort. But the battle can be won. And all of this begins in the mind.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss acknowledges that there are two parts of the brain, which may essentially be competing – the intellectual brain, and the primitive brain, as well as the conscious and the subconscious.

When we operate from the primitive part of the brain, this is where we may slip up. It’s the part that will always choose instant gratification instead of long term gain, and is also responsible for other associated issues related to weight management. We’ll explain all this in detail at the initial consultation.


Why use Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss can help to address negative thoughts and feelings we have about food, eating, exercise, self-image, confidence, as well as the underlying causes of unhealthy eating habits, which may be contributing to weight gain.

Where diets and nutritional plans focus on what you eat and how much and how often you eat them, hypnotherapy for weight loss seeks to improve your overall self image, and self control, whilst giving you the feel good factor that overweight worries can take away.

Because hypnotherapy works with both the conscious and the subconscious mind using for example powerful suggestion techniques, it can help you develop not only a positive relationship with food and exercise, but can also lift any aspects of depression, anxiety or anger, which may be contributing to the out of control eating in the first place.

When hypnotherapy is used to target weight loss, it also helps you lose weight responsibly, whilst maintaining overall well being and sustaining the feel good factor.


How long will it take?

This is of course a difficult question to answer, and it depends on may things such as your starting weight, and how well you follow the process. However, It’s also important to point out that it’s not just about losing the weight, it’s also about feeling happier in your own skin, staying healthy and gaining a more helpful self-image, whilst establishing self-sustaining habits that will keep you progressing after your sessions or programme of sessions has finished, which will usually take between 8-12 weeks.

At Changes Welcome we understand the process necessary for successful weight loss, and taking great care of yourself. So why not Contact us today to book your initial consultation.