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Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching - Sessions & Programmes explained

Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching in Bristol, Stroud (Nailsworth) & Online - For the whole family


Understand what hypnotherapy sessions are for and how they can help you.

Life Coaching

Understand what coaching sessions are for, and how they can help you.

Hypnotherapy to Overcome Personal Issues & Symptoms

Hypnotherapy to Overcome ISSUES

We will work with you on specific issues you wish to overcome during weekly sessions. This will often be to overcome a certain issue, which is holding you back, e.g anxiety, stress, or depression.

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It may also be a more specific symptom such as chronic pain, IBS, or a phobia. For all symptoms that we help, we have a variaty of qualifications, tools and skills that we can draw from. These include Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mind Mediation, NLP, and Rapid Pain (Emotional & Physical) Elimination Therapy.

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About Hypnotherapy SESSIONS

Hypnotherapy sessions typically last for 55 minutes, and are accompanied by a self-hypnosis recording, which you will listen to at home. This really helped the process.

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We will usually see you for anywhere between 4 – 12 weeks.

Sessions can be booked individually as you go. However, this is most suitable for later in your progress when is might make sense for you to reduce the frequency of your sessions.

About Hypnotherapy PROGRAMMES

Booking your sessions as a programme makes sense when commit to overcoming the issue you’re facing.  This also allows us to forward plan, and guarantees your preferred slot.

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Programmes are made up of blocks of 4, 8 & 12 sessions.  They also come at a discount compared to individual sessions. The required number of required sessions will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Life Coaching for a Better Life Experience

To Achieve Your Goals

Coaching for a Better Life

Life happens, but we don’t always make the most of it. We waste time thinking about things, which at the end of the day just do not create the kind of experiences we want. But underneath all of the confusion, procrastination, and distraction, there is a you that is capable of so much more.

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We work with people to explore and bring new perspective to life’s opportunities in a way that underpins not only their future potential but has the inherent power to change your perceptions of past difficulties and hurdles. We help you to start each day with a new determined optimism, and also provide the tools and understandings that allow you to follow your own intuition to get on top of feeling good, and making the most from your life.

About Coaching SESSIONS

Coaching sessions last for around 1.5 hours and may or may not include an element of Hypnotherapy. But they are always more involved and go deeper than a typical hypnotherapy session. They may also be more challenging, as we may tackle certain unhelpful belief structure head-on.

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But don’t worry, we are always careful with sensitive issues, and take time to make sure that you are happy with the direction.

Working together on an ongoing basis is by mutual agreement. Rarely will we agree to proceed on a per session basis, without some kind of a structured outline. We will learn about you and your goals within the initial starter session.  Only then will we be in a position to suggest a way forward that fits for both of us.

About Coaching PROGRAMMES

Coaching programmes come in various forms are very limited due to the higher level of involvement and increased contact required to deliver the best service.

In many cases, we offer sessions in block bookings of 4, 8, or 12 sessions.

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Alternatively, depending on the specific issue or goal we also have a selection of programme structures for specific desired outcomes.

Finally, we sometimes offer a tailored bespoke package, which may include a combination of regular sessions, intensive day or half-day retreats, group retreats or workshops, and online support resources.

Initial Consultation & Starter Sessions

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