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Hypnotherapy Stroud (Nailsworth) - Performance Hypnosis, Life Coaching & Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy Programmes

Sam Little BA (hons) AfSFH CNHC DSFH

You can use this page to book 4, 8 & 12 Week Packages

Why is it useful to book your sessions as a programme?

1) It allows you to secure your bookings in advance (space is limited and can be taken by somebody else).

2) We can plan your sessions better. 

3) You will approach the sessions differently knowing that you have committed for the next few weeks.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend booking a programme unless you have had an Initial Consultation or Enrolment Call.

How to Proceed

1) Select Programme Type (Click Button)

2) Fill in Checkout Details to Complete your Purchase.

3) You will be directed to your Order Receipt after purchase. You will also receive a copy of this via Email.

4) On your Receipt, locate your 'Certificate Code' & 'Schedule' link (See Image).

5) Click on Schedule Link & Make your bookings using your unique 'Certificate Code'.

You can manage your own bookings on the system as directed.

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Sam Little AfSFH CNHC

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