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Hypnotherapy Initial Consultation | Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy


The Initial Consultation


Initial Consultation Greeting - Contact a Hypnotherapist in Bristol

Not just a Q&A session, the initial consultation is also the first stage in preparing YOU for your subsequent Hypnotherapy programme or sessions.

Lasting around 45-55 minutes, an initial consultation is the best way to find out how we are going to be able to help you. Furthermore, it’s our chance to better understand your current circumstances and mindset before advising on how to proceed.


How can Hypnotherapy help?

There is no hypnosis involved within the initial consultation.  We will ask questions, and answer yours, and there is no obligation whatsoever to proceed at this stage.

We offer an evidence based short-term solution to making positive and lasting changes. So, we will also explain the science involved, looking at how the brain works in relation to your issue or goals. This is done in language that’s easy to understand.



Initial Consultion - Getting to know youThe issues we work with relate to depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and stress, and our approach is all about achieving your best hopes, whilst consistently applying the latest breakthroughs of the latest research in neuroscience.

1000s of people have already benefited form this approach. That is why it’s a good idea to acknowledge where you are and move on.  After all, this is how people can take the necessary steps towards achieving ultimate success in many aspects of their lives.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapists Liane Ulbricht-Kazan & Sam Little have a wealth of experience at helping people by applying their knowledge, understanding and practice to all kinds of issues, goals and positive intentions.

Liane and Sam offer sessions and programmes for Hypnotherapy in Bristol and Gloucestershire, as well as consultations and sessions via webcam.



Individual Hypnotherapy SessionsWith the exception of smoking cessation, which lasts for one 2 hr session, hypnotherapy sessions can only be booked on completion of the initial consultation, and suitability has been assessed and the appropriate sessions or programmes mutually agreed. But if you are at all unsure, or have any questions beforehand, please do not hesitate to get in touch, or request a call back.



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