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Hypnotherapy Programmes

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Hypnotherapy Programmes


So what’s the difference between booking a programme and sessions?

It depends on the programme. In a nutshell, all private programmes are tailored to your specific needs and goals, just like individual sessions. However, knowing in advance how many sessions you’ve committed to means that we can do even more to service your needs.

Booking a programme does not only guarantee your slot, it provides a more complete solution finding process in which to achieve your desired goals. This is particularly important when we want to change behavioural and thought patterns (habits), as well as the responses we have to certain triggers.

Most of our habits and reactions to situations are subconscious. A big part of us does not want to change, so we need to consistently remind this part about the advantages of forming new and useful habits and behaviours. This can take a little time.

The mind will often sacrifice long-term gain for short-term reward. This is why some people find themselves hitting a wall. So we need to stay consistent. After all, you set your own goals in life, and programmes are a great way to stay committed. Our goal will always be to get you feeling great about it all as quickly and solidly as possible.

Contact us to book an initial consultation and discuss your specific requirements. Where face-to-face appointments are not immediately available, telephone consultations can also be arranged, in order to answer any preliminary questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your best hopes and getting the best of you back!

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