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As a society, many people are becoming more and more isolated as they communicate ever more through personal computers and less via personal contact. Whilst computers permit us to converse instantly with anyone globally, the decrease of face to face communication and interaction is having an undesirable effect in our society.

Local Hypnotherapist, Liane Ulbricht-Kazan comments “it’s all too easy for people to feel isolated and I’m seeing increasingly more evidence of this as more and more people come to see me for some kind of social anxiety”.

Although digital communication certainly has its place, the surge in the use of computers for communicating with friends comes at a cost. Indeed many people are not practicing their verbal communication skills enough to be confident when speaking in social situations. And if our children grow up without learning these skills in the first place, then this problem will get worse.

So how could this lack of social skills affect people in the long term?

A typical example when entering any kind of social situation, especially a new one, would be that a person may feel unprepared and unable to meet possible scenarios because, in actual fact, they are simply not accustomed to it. Nevertheless, these issues are just making a pre-existing problem more prominent.

Requests for help from clients with self-confidence issues is a daily occurrence for just about any practicing hypnotherapist. A common example is anxiety related, that the person fears they may do or say something that will make them look stupid and be judged as a result. For many the solution is to become a wallflower and hope no one notices their “silence”. It is a very common problem, which can be helped with hypnotherapy. However, helping people to actually feel more confident for a little bit just delivers a quick fix. The actual reason for the situation has to be resolved before this issue can be fixed long term.

There is not much we can do to change our society, but we can change the way that our past events have impacted our lives in an undesirable way – things like intimidation, ridicule or pushy parents. These past ordeals can be dealt with at the same time as building new levels of self-confidence, focusing on alternative positive and desirable outcomes within any given social situation. When these past memories are no longer the focus, hypnotherapy can help the client to build up their self-esteem and confidence, in a very effective way.

By guiding the client to visualize the positive aspects of a given event, hypnosis is used to consolidate a confident version of themselves. It could be something as simple as chatting to people in a weight watchers group, at a party, or at work. When the client enters the social circumstance, whatever it is, they need to be sociable and cheerful, and if that’s what they expect to be, then they have a confident outlook. This approach helps people to remain positive and self-assured throughout, which in turn boosts self-esteem, and the client will gradually build his or her confidence on the solid footings they have already laid down. This leads to a long lasting change in behaviour, which is what they came for at the outset.