How to Help a Friend with Anxiety


Here you can Learn the Basics on How to Help a Friend with Anxiety

Some more tips to get you started……..

  1. Most important is that your friend feels understood. You don’t have to do much, just being there and giving attention is very reassuring and helpful.
  2. If your friend wants to talk about the issue ask your friend what she/he wants to get as a result of the conversation. That will change the focus on the conversation and avoid just repeating the same old story. Call it the story with a twist.
  3. If your friend is overwhelmed, distraction can help to change the mood. Go for a walk or change the scenery, watch an uplifting film or just talk about something your friend is good at, or has a passion for.
  4. If your friend is upset or anxious try not to drink alcohol as it will increase the feelings you are in. Eat well and find a non-alcoholic alternative.
  5. Research has shown that interaction is one of the most important factors in whether people see their life as satisfying or not. You can find something to do where your friend will engage with your community and wider friendship circles and give a helping hand to overcome the hesitation and self-doubts.
  6. Laughter is a great medicine. It gives you instant access to serotonin, which is the coping neurotransmitter.
  7. Help and/ or encourage your friend to increase positive interaction, positive activity, eating well and positive thinking. This will help your friend to create serotonin and feel more in control.
  8. If your friend is in danger of self-harm or can’t find the way out of the negative cycle help your friend to find a professional.

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