Help with Eating Disorders

Food and eating were meant for a specific purpose: to nourish our body and keep us alive. But for many, food is more than that, it is an outlet for a range of emotions, which can affect us in a number of ways. Feelings such as stress, anger, frustration, fear, and loneliness can all interfere in our relationship with food. This may mean eating too much, or too little of something, and can include irrational belief systems and severe physical and psychological illness.

The most common forms of eating disorder are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder. In the case of anorexia, we may typically think of things like social pressure to be skinny to be a main cause.  However, this can also come about following a well intentioned drive to be healthy.  Actual causes are in fact more complex, and more often than not, they have little or nothing to do with food, body shape/image or appearance. Eating Disorders can be defined as an unhealthy relationship with food, that have a negative impact on health.

They can include many food and eating related psychological, mental, emotional, behavioural and physiological health concerns that are associated with a feeling of a lack of control or build-up of anxiety in other areas of the sufferer’s life.

Such issues are often the result of internal issues like depression, addictions, stress, management, anxiety, low self-esteem, and vice versa. Eating disorders all feature severe distress, or concern about body weight or shape, serious and alarming disturbances in eating behaviour, or extreme efforts to manage weight or food intake, all of which can be helped using solution focused hypnotherapy.

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Some Client Feedback…….

Ben, Bristol

I was struggling with positivity and optimism in my daily life. This was causing me to become quite down and depressed. And my lifestyle was being affected. Liane’s simple explanation... Read more →

Sarah, Nailsworth

I knew I could do with some help, feeling low and easily overwhelmed – and lacking in confidence; keen to make a long-term partnership work after a divorce, wanting to... Read more →

Peta Klein

Peta Klein

A fantastic experience. Liane is very calm and gentle and very positive which rubs off on you. After one session I felt so relaxed with her and could talk about... Read more →

Debbie's son

Debbie about her son

My 10-year-old son has a strong character and we have had issues around food for a long time. I was surprised when he said he was willing to have a... Read more →

Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story

Tom Gay’s story: Hypnotherapy for Eating related Anxiety Issue: Anxiety, Eating Habits, Relationship with Food Number of sessions: 8 Helped using: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Stroud (Nailsworth)   What was the Issue…

I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Liane. I was struggling with the stresses of university (exam stress, balancing my workload with extra-curricular activities). Liane talked me through the abov… Read more