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According to numerous sources, doubt or un-surety is what sits at the heart of most if not all OCD Symptoms. This is true for all five types of OCD. Furthermore, anxiety and guilt are both associated OCD symptoms. Stress is seen both as a cause and a symptom of OCD. It has also been stated that people with obsessive compulsive tendencies have lost the ‘experience of conviction’.

Many people with OCD may feel misunderstood, because others do not take their OCD symptoms seriously, not realising that most symptoms of OCD come about sub-consciously. That’s why hypnotherapy is a great way of dealing with OCD symptoms, as is works directly with the subconscious mind to address obsessive thought patterns and compulsions. It can be a very effective treatment, which relies on the client’s desire and willingness to change.

The main OCD Symptoms helped utilising our therapeutic approach are described here. These include chronic worrying, intrusive thoughts, a sense of looming vulnerability, and perfectionism. Examples of OCD symptoms are countless, but some typical cases include constant cleaning (doubting hygiene), checking locks (doubting security), hoarding (doubting superfluousness), ordering and counting (doubting completeness).

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive DisorderSome OCD sufferers feel unsure whether they have acted or behaved in a certain way, so attempt to resolve this by doing things very slowly in order to observe themselves. The task may require repeating and breaking down into smaller parts, which must be performed identically each time. These are all attempts to eliminate doubt through checking and re-checking.

Doubtfulness as an OCD symptom also comes in the form of perfectionism. In an attempt to always make the “perfect” decision the sufferer spends too long questioning, weighing up, balancing and counterbalancing arguments. This leads to agonizing indecision as the OCD sufferer goes back and forth over possibilities in a mental state, which to the outsider’s point of view can appear similar to mental paralysis.

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