Client User Area Limited Time Access


You can gain Access to the Client Session Resources as an existing or past client of Changes Welcome by clicking on the buttons below. You will be presented a field requesting a coupon code, but you can just leave this one blank.

Just follow the steps to fill in your name and email address. This will generate an email (you might need to check your junk for this one) sent from the email address ‘info@changeswelcome.com‘, which contains an important link.

You can then follow the link in this email to set a password and gain access to the member’s dashboard.  Once you’ve set up your password, you should remember this for future reference.

However, if you do forget, that’s no problem, you can follow the password-reset procedure on the login page. Alternatively, you can follow this procedure in the first place, if you do not receive or delete the email for any reason.

For reference, the login page is here www.changeswelcome.com/login.

Liane’s Session Resources

Sam’s Session Resources

IMPORTANT: Both ‘items’ are currently set as zero value, so you will not be charged. When asked, just leave the ‘Coupon Code’ field blank. This does not work on all mobile devices.


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Peta Klein
A fantastic experience. Liane is very calm and gentle and very positive which rubs off on you. After one session I felt so relaxed with her and could talk about anything. I am so much better now and i… Read more
Bisley, Gloucestershire