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Performance Anxiety Help Bristol


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Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety in Bristol & Gloucestershire

Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety in Bristol & Gloucestershire

Performance Anxiety comes in many forms.  This includes Public Speaking, Sports Performance, Exams, Sexual Performance, Work Challenges, Productivity, Efficiency, and all manner of things that are out of our comfort zone.  It doesn’t matter where the anxiety comes from, it’s the total amount of anxiety that we have to look at reducing, and Hypnotherapy can certainly help with that!

There is a direct link between anxiety, relaxation and control.  All anxiety is caused by negative thinking, whether that be future or past orientated.  For example, when we imagine something going wrong 100 times, then even if it actually goes OK, we will have lived through the even 101 times, and experienced 100 complete disasters.  Equally, we may later beat ourselves up about that poor results, which only makes matters worse.

All anxiety is then accumulated and stored, and the more anxiety we have, the more stress we are under, and the less control we then have.  Instead of operating intellectually using our logical rational brain, we will be operating more from the emotional brain, where fear and anxiety originates from.



So, in order to operate at control performance levels that allow us to raise our game, we need to get as much as possible into control.  When we do then we have access to our solution finding and intellectual resources that allow us to perform better.  For the public speaker, this means remembering the subject material, whilst being relaxed and enjoying the show.  For the sportsman, this means being less distracted about what might go wrong and having access to all those years of training.  For the student it’s the same deal.  Whatever we aspire to, we won’t get there if all we are is scared, operating in fight or flight mode, and following the old patterns that never got us there in the past either.


Help with Performance Anxiety in Bristol & Gloucestershire

In order to change how we do things then there are a few things to consider.  First, we must get clear on what it is that we are asking for.  We need to rehearse the thing going well in our own minds.  We need to know why we are doing it, and where it will take us.  When we are clear on these things then the motivation to perform well gets a lot easier.  Once we are clear then we must be consistent.  The actions we take must be relevant to the desired outcome.  there is no use knocking the highest impact tasks down the list because we’re not comfortable with them.  Then there is the execution of these tasks.



It does not matter where you begin this journey.  In fact, you have already begun.  If you are reading this you are already considering ways to get moving forward.  You might like to consider that anything which you do that is inherently positive for you in some way is a good place to start.  Any positive action, interaction, or thought will contribute to your motivation, but you must be looking for this consistently.  At the same time, you must turn your attention away from anything that is negative for long enough to gain objectivity in how you assess your situation.  And you must look beyond you current reality to get clear on what is the right thing for you tomorrow and put your best foot forward.


Performance Anxiety Help Bristol & Gloucestershire

Our hypnotherapists help with the performance not by telling you what to do.  They believe instead that you know better than anyone how to more forward.  But they do know which questions to ask to help you identify your goals and the required actions.  They also offer an alternative perspective on what you think and how you interpret situations and teach you methods of altering your thought patterns and interpretations in a way that allows you to go on promoting the production of serotonin and thus also peak performance to occur in the long term.  It’s more about getting the right toolkit for life than a form of therapy.

When you have a consistent flow of serotonin then you will tend to operate from the intellectual part of the brain that is able to perform well, and thus avoid the kind of nervous, fearful, anxious, or de-motivated patterns that reduce performance.  You will also learn to be relaxed, and realise that this is actually the peak performance default mode that will allow you to rise to challenges in a controlled and confident way.


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