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This article looks at ‘positive thought’ as a significant building block towards taking control of and improving our lives. After all, empowering people to recognise, use and develop their skills and shift perceptions in order to get the very best deal out of life is the business she is in. So, what exactly does she mean by positive thought?
Well, many of the problems, which Solution Focused Hypnotherapists see people for these days, have to do with perception. People can be inconsistant in their attitude towards life. For example, they may be absolutely steadfast and strong in one area, yet at the same time feel hopeless in others. All the while not realising that their skills from successful areas are cross-transferable to others.

Here, ‘positive thought’ has to do with whether or not our perception of a given set of circumstances reflects a proper and rational view. Positive thought does not need to be over optimistic. It can relate to the smallest of things. In essence, positive thought is also objective thought, and is neither overly optimistic nor pessimistic. It represents a rational objective view based on a proper assessment of the situation. On the one hand, when faced with the symptomology of anxiety, fear, OCD, or similar related issues, this has to do with negatively forecasting what ‘will’ go wrong in the future. On the other hand depression, PTSD, and similar have everything to do with the person’s assessment of past events and negatively ruminating over it. Neither are objective, and both represent a shortfall in successfully realising our potential.

Did you know that the 16th March is ‘Everything You Do Is Right Day’. Imagine how different your life would be if you always made proper objective decisions!

Food for (Positive) Thought

Within the brain there are two distinct areas that determine how we deal with life. One is often referred to as the intellectual part, and it’s this one, which comes up with a proper assessment of any given situation. Our brains work with repetition and through this they are capable of building and strengthening neural pathways very quickly. But positive thought doesn’t have to be big. In fact, the smallest of changes serve us well in re-structuring the way we think about situations past, present, and future.

So, knowing this, it’s not difficult to imagine that we all have areas of our lives, where we could do better, be more productive, have more fun, feel more motivated, more alive, and enjoy more success. Larger inhibiting or incapacitating issues such as stress, anxiety or phobias are perhaps easier to put a finger on. However, if we remove cognitive distortions, which hamper our objective view of any and every aspect of our lives, past, present or future, then we are entering into the kind of positive thought that can support major and permanent life improvements.

It’s not that hard to imagine that we would be able to make good decisions, and take appropriate action in any given set of circumstances. If we can master this approach and stay in charge, what we get is a holiday from engaging in inappropriate thought-processes. This is a skill that lasts us the rest of our lives, not just a fortnight!