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Did you ever ask yourself what effect it would have on the human race and therefore you yourself if the media spent more time reporting random acts of kindness carried out by people rather than the “bad” news they deliver on a daily basis? Would these random acts of kindness compel us to behave in a more caring and compassionate way to each other? Would it inspire us to be involved ourselves? Would it give us a greater faith and trust in the human race and increase our positive feeling during the day?

The brain works with repetition, therefore the answer is that it most likely would have a positive effect in our behaviour in our community and all our relationships, in how we treat ourselves and how we are being treated. Here we have to know, that the brain will do its very best to reflect your life’s in how we perceive our present and future. Put simple, we get more of what we focus on.

We see and hear examples of how people have come together during a crisis to help and support each other e.g. flooding, but what about carrying out random acts of kindness without the need for a crisis or special occasions such as Christmas in the first place?
Liane was delighted to hear in the radio that there was an opportunity to nominate people to receive a reward for continuously offering support and random acts of kindness – just for the love of it. Giving something back to people who love giving – what an excellent idea.

So what are the benefits of random acts of kindness? Kindness is one of the key factors to feel good about yourself and living a happier life. Why? Because we interact in a positive way. We are better as a tribe than as an individual. Positive interaction is recognised by the brain as mentally healthy behaviour and we will get rewarded with serotonin, the coping neurotransmitter, which helps us to be stronger, more motivated, cope better with our own issues.

Positive interaction is not only time spent with people you love and know. A random act of kindness is a very positive one indeed.

What could be a random act of kindness?

  • a friendly hello to the neighbour
  • talking friendly to the shop assistant
  • a smile at a little child or stranger
  • giving someone who needs it time and attention
  • supporting a stranger in a situation of need
  • offering a seat on the train
  • giving someone a compliment
  • introducing themselves to someone new in a group setting
  • offering to look after someone’s children for an hour to give the parents a break
  • making a colleague at work a cup of tea or coffee
  • offering to get some shopping for an elderly neighbour, etc.
  • And remember it takes just a smile to make a grey day seem brighter!

If you are more on the pessimistic side or feel under pressure due to stress or worries and just don’t know where to start to change things around to the positive, why not give Hypnotherapy a try to get a different perspective of what you can and can’t do? Hypnotherapy can help people to learn how to deal with their own life challenges more effectively in reducing stress & worries, how to refocus on the positive aspects, to create the needed space and positive outlook to feel more alive and happy and interact positively more and more.

So as we all breathe the same air and share the same planet I invite you all to carry out a random act of kindness today and as many days you can – to fill the air with love and compassion and also to benefit yourself in feeling more involved, more alive and improve your chances to cope better with your own challenges and who knows maybe somebody helps you just randomly. There is free serotonin available almost around every corner – grab it if you can!