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Sam Little

BA(hons) AfSFH CNHC DSFH Clinical, Performance & Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

Hi, my name is Sam,

I’m a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Performance Coach based in Stroud (Nailsworth), Bristol & Online.

I not only believe that you are capable of making lasting positive changes, but I absolutely know that you can do it, if you are willing to take the leap and challenge your current interpretations.

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Clinical & Performance Hypnotherapist & Coach

Stroud (Nailsworth), Bristol & Online

Getting started with Hypnotherapy or Coaching sessions

Working alongside our most senior Hypnotherapist Liane Ulbricht-Kazan, Sam offers a range of solutions to help you overcome clinical and personal issues, and help you achieve your life goals and aspirations, combining various Hypnotherapy & Coaching disciplines.

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Sam will be happy to explore your particular requirements during an initial consultation, where he will explain to you his suggested approach, and expected duration. He will also explain how the mind works in regard to your particular situation, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Sessions & programmes to suite the whole family

Sam & Liane each have the same fundamental training. Their experience has each led them into a wide range of specialists.  Together they have helped over 500 clients go on to enjoy a better life through their range of individually tailored sessions and programmes.

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There is no one size fits all solution, and a number of factors will be taken into account when recommending a solution for your needs, whether this is a series of Hypnotherapy or Coaching sessions, or at times when it would be better for you, a referral.

Coaching & Hypnotherapy in Stroud (Nailsworth), Bristol & Online

Hypnotherapy sessions last for 55 minutes, and are accompanied by a self-hypnosis recording, which you will listen to at home.  Coaching sessions usually take conger, and may or may not include an aspect of hypnosis. They are often more reflective.

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Some clients have actually taken all they need from the consultation and left us completely happy on day one.  Others take a little longer and we usually see you for anywhere between 4-12 weeks.

Sessions can be booked individually, or more commonly as a programme.

Programmes, Specialisms & Special Offers

For men who want to be more engaged

Personal Self-Hypnosis Recording Package

In this package, we will produce a tailored self-hypnosis recording for you either as a stand-alone package, or as part of an agreed programme of hypnotherapy sessions. This will be inspired by you, and created by us with your specific goals, needs, and aspirations in mind.

Your Work-Life Balance – Getting it Right

An 8 Session programme designed for busy working Dad’s & Mum’s, who aren’t really showing up with a great attitude at home. You may be shouting at the kids, or arguing with your spouse. You may be stressed, tense or irritable.

This programme is for you, if you know you want to do better, and are ready and willing to start again with a blank sheet of paper.

Exam Performance Relaxation (GCSE+)

A four-session programme designed to aid exam performance and focus, without giving you more to do in busy revision and exam periods. Designed for teenagers and young adults, and available for groups & individuals.

Initial Consultation & Starter Sessions

Come and see us and let’s talk about what you want to achieve.

Individual Sessions & Programmes

Tailored programmes to meet your personal requirements, issues, goals & aspirations.

Contact Us to Get Started Today

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"Liane is a great hypnotherapist and listener, she puts things into perspective and makes you feel really relaxed. I left each session feeling better than the last. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"


"Changes Welcome helped me during a very difficult time in my life and I will be forever grateful for the support I received. Liane was also a very understanding and insightful therapist and I was very happy to be able to work with her throughout the process. I would recommend Changes Welcome to anyone looking to make changes in their life."


"I was struggling with positivity and optimism in my daily life. This was causing me to become quite down and depressed. And my lifestyle was being affected.Liane's simple explanation about how my interpretation of the situation was the main problem was very enlightening. That along with weekly sessions for about two months completely changed my perspective in day to day life. I found myself becoming gradually more positive as the weeks went by. After about two months I felt so much more positive, coping with life became much easier with the techniques Liane gave me to deal with stressful situations.I'd definitely recommend Changes Welcome to anyone who wants to make a small or big change to themselves. Whether that be an improvement in your home life, work life or just within yourself. I found it's all applicable through hypnotherapy."


"A fantastic experience. Liane is very calm and gentle and very positive which rubs off on you. After one session I felt so relaxed with her and could talk about anything. I am so much better now and if it does not last I will go back to her. The bedtime CD is a must it is so relaxing I go to sleep listening to it."


"I decided to try hypnotherapy as I was experiencing low mood and self esteem plus some anxiety and negative thinking. I didn't really know what to expect but Liane immediately put me at ease and explained very clearly how the brain works and how to care for and manage it. It all makes so much sense when you know how the mind works! Liane showed me some great exercises to help me towards changing my negative thoughts and feelings and her downloadable tracks to listen to in between sessions are a great resource. I would highly recommend the process as a whole and Liane as a therapist, she has a sensitivity and humour that immediately put me at ease and made me feel able to open up to the process."


"My 10-year-old son has a strong character and we have had issues around food for a long time.I was surprised when he said he was willing to have a go at hypnotism to help him eat more foods in the run up to going to residential with his school.Liane was very effective at connecting with him in the session. I sat in but I was expected to be silent for the most part. She explained things to him in an age appropriate way but without being patronising. She also got him talking – much to my amazement! He then had around half an hour’s hypnotism each time which went in a flash.After just two sessions we have seen definite improvements and generally just a much more relaxed atmosphere around food. The today I noticed he has lovely long nails… he said he ‘just decided’ to stop biting them. Hurray for Liane!"