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Looking for Help with Separation Anxiety?

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Do you get worried about upcoming events, circumstances, and changes, which will involve going out on your own away from the safety of your home, parents, friends or partner?

Do you get panicky or uncomfortable at the thought of separating from somebody you are close to?

Do you have a son, daughter, friend or relative who simply cannot cope with leaving your side?  If so, then it may be a good idea to get help with separation anxiety.

Understanding separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is not always a problem.  In fact, we all have anxieties, many of which are perfectly helpful.  For example, when the threat or danger is real, then it is wise to stay on alert.  This is where the fight/ flight response may kick in, overriding any logical reasoning on the subject.

This is the mechanism that you first need to understand if you want to get past separation anxiety.

Where does separation anxiety come from?

Many people and therapists alike will offer reasonable and logical guidance on how to get over separation anxiety.  After all, being free of separation anxiety is a very appealing end result. However, much guidance doesn’t really tackle the root cause.

The problem really stems from within the primitive mind of the sufferer.  This is important to note, because it explains why logical reasoning simply doesn’t work.

The primitive or emotional part of the brain is responsible for all kinds of symptoms and issues that people experience, including anxiety, depression & anger

Is hypnotherapy for separation anxiety for you?

We see people from all walks of life, and we help not only those who are directly affected by separation anxiety.   In fact, parents are a good example of how we can help alter a situation, where separation anxiety is infringing on happy balanced lifestyles.  For example, how parents respond to children with social anxiety greatly affects the outcome.  

This has everything to do with how we set boundries, and make sure we take time for ourselves.  Why not book in for a hypnotherapy consultation and we can look at your particular case in detail, and explain exactly how we can help you.

We help YOU identify the BABY STEPS and take the BIG LEAPS in order to achieve the best changes in your life

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Helping you find solutions from within

There is no magic bullet, and the actual road to freedom is different for everybody.  However, we always apply the scientific understandings that are universal first, then help you identify the right approach second.

This allows us to have a common basis and understanding from which to work with.  One this that is universal is that the solution to the problem is not to be found within the problem, rather outside, so we much look for solutions in areas, where you have not looked before.

Building the right momentum to overcome separation anxiety

It’s all about getting positive feedback from any area of life.  This is because there is a magic ingredient to all of this, which is our physiology, and the brain chemicals that produce the feelings that we either enjoy or don’t enjoy.  

When we get the right amount of the right chemicals, then we are happy and motivated, but when we don’t then it can be difficult to cope with anything at all.  The key here is that we can easily promote the right chemicals by taking the right actions, but we can get into this in detail at the initial consultation.

Choose the right hypnotherapist to help you

For anybody looking for help with Separation anxiety in Bristol, Stroud, Cheltenham or the Gloucester area, we are able to work with you personally at one of our practice locations.

Our hypnotherapists have helped 100s of people overcome all manner of anxiety issues, so why not book a chat now, and find out more how they can help you.

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