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Séverine’s story: Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, Stress & Life Changes

Issue: Insomnia & Stress.
Helped using: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Bristol (Clifton)

How did you find Liane as a Therapist?

Liane is very understanding, and she has a very calm and soothing approach. She will give you the tools to just always see the bright side. And I know it sounds a bit artificial, a bit Disney-like, and I wouldn’t believe it if I had not done it myself. But it is what it is– you will think with a different perspective on life and you will have a more positive outcome of anything you do. Because you will have that little voice Liane at the back of your head going, “Oh what would you do differently? Okay I would think that way instead of just being negative”. And just things just come your way without you even realizing it. Liane is very understanding, and she’s really really caring. She is not judgemental. She will listen to you with tears or with laughter. Liane will always guide you to make your life better, even if you’re not really aware that this aspect of your life could be improved. Liane would always put a very positive spin on it.


Would you say Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy offers value for money?

I think when I needed it most– and I suffered from insomnia– it was a critical period. So I came every week to see Liane. And it was value for money because it didn’t the last song, she helped me find another job which helped me pretty much tackle insomnia. And now that I don’t need it that often, I do maintenance sessions once a month roughly and it is good value for money as well because it is just a little top up of positivity.


What would you say to anyone thinking of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome?

I think– so as I have explained before– for me, having been through so many different types of therapy, that is something that I even consider doing as a job myself in a future ideal life. So that is the type of therapy that I would recommend to
 absolutely everyone.


Important note: This is Séverine’s story in her words about her experiences of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome, to help share her success story with other people, who could benefit.  The interactions between therapist and client is confidential, and we respect both our clients and their stories.  However, some stories are too inspiring to be left un-told.  That is why we routinely ask our clients to share their feedback and their stories.Séverine has consented to take part in this interview and have her story published and shared.