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Steve’s story: Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, Stress & Boundries

Issue: Insomnia, Stress.
Helped using: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Bristol (Clifton)

Why did you come to Hypnotherapy?

The first time I contacted Liane was the time I was having trouble sleeping, so that was what I approached her with.


What were your First Impressions of Hypnotherapy?

Liane was quite quick to point out that sleeping was a symptom of something underlying. And so she spoke to me about ways in which I was not dealing with my stress– which was the thing which would wake me in the night. So we started to work on that– on the things which would be building up by stress and the fact that my poor sleep was not helping me to discharge my stress, where it would normally be dealt with in the night.


When did you notice the first benefits of Hypnotherapy for Insomnia?

Certainly on the first session– in the first session, I was given a CD which I would listen to when I would lie down in bed to go to sleep. And I did this every night in the beginning. And it was probably 6 weeks before I ever heard the end of that because I’d always be asleep. It would always lull me into sleep. I think it would take me back to the trance situation in the session and there was a bit where I’m descending steps and I count from 1 to 10 or from 10 to 0. And I would always drop off during that. So that was an instant benefit that I got– just going down into sleep in a very lovely, comfortable way.


How did you find Liane as a Therapist?

Liane works with a very gentle wisdom. She’s very caring and nurturing and always had my greatest good at her heart, at her center. And I always came out of the session feeling wonderful and with a new sense of being okay with myself and with the world, carrying that out into the week. Yeah I think Liane does it really well. I would recommend her 100%.


How did you find Hypnosis part?

It’s all so very natural. I was– I would like down, I would relax. I would relax to such an extent that some time during this period, I would find myself dropping off just like having a nap. It was very nurturing. It felt very wholesome and natural. And at the end Liane would count me up out of it, from 5 to 1. And at zero, I would find myself awake and refreshed– and yeah very natural.


How did Hypnotherapy help in the longer term?

A couple of things which I’m very aware of: One was with setting my personal boundaries with other people and situations in my life. So I would start to expect others to respect those boundaries and sure enough they would; or where they didn’t, I would– they wouldn’t be in my life. They wouldn’t enter into an area in which they were violating me. And so the stress there wasn’t accumulated. Also I started to realize where I have choices to– rather than entering into a fight or flight situation, I make intelligent choices. And everything would just become more easy to deal with–the choices I were making were healthier choices for myself.


What would you say to anyone Thinking of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome?

I would say absolutely go for it. You’re very likely to make changes which will stay with you for life


Important note: This is Steve’s story in his words about his experiences of Hypnotherapy with Changes Welcome, to help share his success story with other people, who could benefit.  The interactions between therapist and client is confidential, and we respect both our clients and their stories.  However, some stories are too inspiring to be left un-told.  That is why we routinely ask our clients to share their feedback and their stories.  Steve has consented to take part in this interview and have his story published and shared.