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Everybody gets confronted with stress at some time or another. It is a fact of daily life and it affects people to varying degrees (low, chronic, acute, etc.), in various forms (social, physical, psychological, metabolic, etc.), and leads us towards a range of reactions (positive or adverse).

Chronic stress has been identified as the leading cause of serious psychological issues like anger, depression and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Stress

The term “stress” is now used interchangeably for both the actual feeling (e.g. “Just thinking about the things that might have happened during the presentation is getting me all stressed out”), as well as what causes that feeling in a person (e.g. “The stress in the workplace is what’s really bothering me.”).

It has everything to do with how we see the world and interpret situations and experiences, our physiology, and our habit patterns or behaviours.

What is Stress?

Biologically speaking, stress is a cause to act/adapt. It is the body’s reaction to an existing or perceived situation or a threat to its equilibrium and it has many symptoms. As far as the brain is concerned, any kind of activity that causes neurons to fire up is actually a form of stress.

From a brain-based scientific point of view, the feeling of stress is essentially an emotional echo which is produced within the brain, not within the environment per se. So, what can we do about it?

How is Stress created?

Stress gets created via an accumulation of Anxiety, which is dissipated by the process of REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). Essentially, every time we frame up our interpretation of an event or situation as being negative or threatening, this causes Anxiety.

As the brain scans for possible outcomes or meanings to situations, we apply filters to this information. Some will be positive, some negative, and some which even delete information, so that we don’t become aware of the situation in the first place. We all have the ability to change these filters and see things differently.

Get more done, better, in less time, and with fewer mistakes, whilst feeling Happy and Content.

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So what's a good Stress Management strategy?

We all know about habits. The term ‘habit’ usually makes us think of actions and behaviours. However, habits can also be thought patterns. It is the thought patterns, which create stress, which can often run on autopilot. As the original survival parts of the brain take over in the face of perceived threat, then we lose access to some of our most useful intellectual resources; the parts that are best able to resolve the situation. Fundamentally, we need to get into control in order to be efficient and effective. In fact, it is less about stress management (the Elastoplast), and more about building good habits (Prevention) that offers the most compelling help with stress strategy.

Ever considered Hypnotherapy to Help with Stress?

One of the most important principles to think about is this: You cannot be relaxed and stressed at the same time. That is why we have to practice regular relaxation. But there is more. When we are relaxed and in a trance state, this is the best way of learning new skills, knowledge, and habits. When you begin to look at yourself in terms of brain function and physiology the scientific evidence for this is formidable.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help with stress involves calming down the stress reaction by helping you make cognitive changes to how you assign meaning to and interaction with external input. This can be anything. It includes how we deal with real threats (for example actually receiving redundancy) as well as perceived threats (fear that we may not get a new job). It’s all the same to us, as the mind’s emotional reaction does not distinguish between the real and perceived version of events. Hypnotherapy can help you change your patterns, your views, and your reactions to life’s trials and tribulations.

Help with Stress - What's in it for me?

The benefits to you in learning how to deal with stress can be enormous. But there are side effects… When you are not stressed you will be more effective at work, less prone to illness, more interested and involved in your relationships, be better company to those you love, feel healthier, more motivated and happy. You will also tend to see things in a constructive way, maintaining a better perspective on things, and feel more confident.
This sounds great, doesn’t it?

Although we cannot guarantee such results every time, such results are normal, and certainly very possible. All you have to do is decide enough is enough, I can do better, and get in touch with a Changes Welcome hypnotherapist today.

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