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Debbie about her son | Changes Welcome HypnotherapyDebbie about her son | Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy


Debbie about her son

Debbie about her son

My 10-year-old son has a strong character and we have had issues around food for a long time.

I was surprised when he said he was willing to have a go at hypnotism to help him eat more foods in the run up to going to residential with his school.

Liane was very effective at connecting with him in the session. I sat in but I was expected to be silent for the most part. She explained things to him in an age appropriate way but without being patronising.  She also got him talking – much to my amazement!  He then had around half an hour’s hypnotism each time which went in a flash.

After just two sessions we have seen definite improvements and generally just a much more relaxed atmosphere around food.  The today I noticed he has lovely long nails… he said he ‘just decided’ to stop biting them. Hurray for Liane!


Debbie's son
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