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I knew I could do with some help, feeling low and easily overwhelmed – and lacking in confidence; keen to make a long-term partnership work after a divorce, wanting to feel more at ease with my choices and decisions and with myself. Sam intuited so much of how I felt at the outset and it quickly became easy to open up and to be receptive to his guidance. The life coaching element has been quite transformative: I really believe I have the tools now to move forward long term in a very positive way. The hypnotherapy has helped hugely in terms of learning how to relax and has very naturally complemented the life coaching. To be frank, (perhaps anticipating a magic solution) I rather expected it to be the other way around, but now I can see how the two approaches work pragmatically in tandem. Figuring out how to minimise stress and eliminating unhelpful and negative thoughts is truly empowering. Thank you, Sam.

Sarah, Nailsworth