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Hypnotherapy for Stress

Liane has helped me learn to cope better with stress. I was having a bad spell of insomnia mainly caused by stress and this is why contacted Liane. Her advice


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Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief.

I decided to visit Sam at Changes Welcome as I was suffering with arthritic pain. The pain was constant but would also flair up at different times and for varying


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Hypnotherapy for Goal Achievement

When Liane explained how the brain works, it made me think about my problems in a different way. After seeing Liane, I have achieved my goals as I found it


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Hypnotherapy for IVF

I first went to see Liane during my 3rd round of IVF and everyone around me seemed to be getting pregnant. The combination had left me anxious and only getting


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Changes Welcome helped me during a very difficult time in my life and I will be forever grateful for the support I received. Liane was also a very understanding and

Moe Baker

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My time spent with Liane has been the most beneficial thing I have done for myself in a long time. I went to see her after a period of upheaval


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I found Liane was very gentle and understanding and explained how the brain works very clearly. She made me realise I was not alone and I should not be so


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Terri's Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Since my redundancy over two years ago I had many jobs interviews. I would become really nervous and often go blank in them, even though I had a lot of

Lis Winstanley

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Lis Winstanley's Hypnotherapy with Liane

I found my experience with Liane extremely beneficial. She is a truly gifted teacher and with her kindness and excellent skills enabled me to find a better path to true

Carrie’s Story

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I was having daily migraines, which began starting due to stress, and it was affecting my college. I ended up having a year out because of it. We tried everything.

I was struggling with positivity and optimism in my daily life. This was causing me to become quite down and depressed. And my lifestyle was being affected. Liane’s simple explanation about how my… Read more