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Wave’s Story

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It’s brilliant for me in my line of work as an actress and a performing artist, to help me bring me that focus, that determination and courage – I can

Aurelie’s Story

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Aurelie's Hypnotherapy for Stress Success Story

Hypnotherapy can give you the inner strength that you are looking for in your life. It’s done this for me, and for many other friends and people that I know.

Rebecca Blackstone

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Rebecca's Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Liane is the most gentle and reassuring therapist I have ever been to. She instantly put me at ease and explained how the method of hypnotherapy that she uses is

Lynda’s Story

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I think that Liane is a very gentle person and it’s a very gentle session. And I felt really safe with her. I had had the issue about being phobic


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Sam's Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Sam showed me how to live in the present, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. I feel so much more positive about life now and am

Steve’s Story

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Steve's Hypnotherapy for Insomnia Success Story

Liane works with a very gentle wisdom. She’s very caring and nurturing and always had my greatest good at her heart. I always came out of the session feeling wonderful

Tom’s Story

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After the initial consultation, it took 8 weekly sessions with Sam, in order to get my anxiety in check and achieve my goal. I wouldn’t have described it as expensive.

Séverine’s Story

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Severine's Hypnotherapy Success Story

Liane is very understanding, and she’s really really caring. She is not judgemental. She will listen to you with tears or with laughter. She will always guide you to make

Mike’s Story

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Help with Weight Loss

With Liane’s treatment with the Hypnotherapy, my life has turned around completely. I’ve got a new purpose in life. I’ve got more going for me, more spirit. My self-esteem’s back

Erin’s Story

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Erin's Hypnotherapy for Confidence Success Story

Liane’s really friendly and really relaxed, so you’re never feeling awkward when you’re sitting and talking about difficult things. We had a laugh together in our sessions– it was that

I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Liane. I was struggling with the stresses of university (exam stress, balancing my workload with extra-curricular activities). Liane talked me through the abov… Read more