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Tom Gay’s story: Hypnotherapy for Eating related Anxiety

Issue: Anxiety, Eating Habits, Relationship with Food
Number of sessions: 8
Helped using: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Stroud (Nailsworth)

What was the Issue you received Help for?

I’ve always been a fussy eater for as long as I can remember, I struggled with certain textures and I couldn’t eat vegetables, or anything healthy for that matter. I can’t remember when it started, or why, but as I’ve got older the Issue had become worse and worse. I existed on a set menu of “safe” foods, things like ready meals, takeaways, processed foods and the like.

Eating had become a massive cause of anxiety for me.

I couldn’t go out to eat with friends, for fear of not being able to eat anything on the menu. I would shy away from social events or dining at someone’s house for example, and my relationships with friends and family suffered as a result. The odd thing is, I was aware that by continuing to eat in this way, I would be slowly killing myself.  Not Intentionally of course, but something would stop me from trying something ‘new’ or ‘different’. I simply couldn’t do it, like a mental block. I didn’t want to be a vegetarian. I didn’t want to go on some fancy diet, I just wanted to be normal, and to eat normally.


What led you to Hypnotherapy?

I had always thought I would simply grow out of this problem. Like when you hit a certain age you’d acquire a taste for a different food type, I waited through my teens, and my twenties, but If anything, the problem got worse and worse as I became self reliant (as you do when your an adult).

Tom Hypnotherapy Success Story

Courtesy of Tom Gay

In desperation, I went to see a doctor, I explained as best I could, and she listened, and said It sounded like I was suffering from some anxiety and a bit of depression, which manifested Itself around food.

This was quite difficult to hear, I’ve always thought of myself as a happy sort of person, but I had some counselling sessions, and my mood lifted. However, I had largely put healthy eating completely out of my mind and reverted back to my old self, and old habits.

Hypnotherapy was first recommended to me by a close friend. To her it was a simple case of why not try it. But to me, because I had been like this seemingly forever, I couldn’t imagine anything would change it, so I was reluctant at first. I think she had seen some adverts for places in London, which wanted a lot of money up front, which again, did little to convince me of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Around that time a leaflet was put through her door, advertising Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy. As it was local, I decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else and was at the end of my tether, so I picked up the phone…..


How did you find your Hypnotherapist?

Brilliant, quite simply. I really appreciate it when someone’s passionate about something. It makes learning about a subject so much more fascinating and Interesting. Sam’s passion for the mind really came through.

Sam was very caring, the sort of guy who asks how you are, but means It, if that makes sense.

He took time to listen, really take on board what the problem was, and how you feel about things. He then took the time to explain what he was going to do. I got the Impression he really really cares about you, and your wellbeing. He was very calming, and went to great lengths to put me at ease, I felt very relaxed and calm in his presence.


How did you find the Hypnotherapy Sessions?

Very Informative and Interesting! Learning about how the brain works was fascinating, and seeing how my problem had developed over time, and the reasons for it was very reassuring. Also very very calming and relaxing. The timings [of appointments] were great too.


What was your Initial reaction to the Sessions?

With direct regard to my problem, at first I noticed very little. I did however feel enlightened as to why I was stuck in a cycle.


How did It help you?… and what does It mean for you now, and for the future?

Over time, I firstly began to feel much calmer. I stopped letting little things get the better of me. Then slowly I started to feel more and more positive about things. With this positive new attitude I started to feel like I could accomplish things, Sam’s words of ‘I can, I will’ became very prominent in my mind as I went about things at work.

Tom beats his Anxiety

Courtesy of Tom Gay

It wasn’t an overnight change, or a light switch moment, just very slowly and subtly my mindset changed.

We talked about how reaching a goal affects us mentally, and how good that can feel. Finally I was able to tackle my overall goal, of trying new foods, simply by being calm, relaxed, believing that I could, and doing It.

We had set an ultimate goal, I wanted to eat a normal Christmas lunch with my family. Times gone by I would have eaten only turkey, potatoes, sausages and a bit of stuffing. I would avoid all other things as much as I could.

With Sam’s help I was able to try carrots, sweed, parsnips, and amazingly, brussel sprouts!

As time has gone on I’ve been able to try new foods that I could only have dreamt of a few months ago, peas, lettuce, asparagus and broccoli are all slowly being added to the list of foods I can eat, and in time, enjoy. I know to progress will still take a lot of hard work from myself, eating like this is not yet second nature, and I need to concentrate to maintain the momentum, and deal with any setbacks that may occur In the correct way.

After the initial consultation, it took 8 weekly sessions with Sam, in order to get my anxiety in check and achieve my goal, and eat my first full Christmas Dinner.

For the first time I feel positive about eating in the future. I feel like I’ve been given the tools, and I’ve proved to myself I can do It!!!


Was the Hypnotherapy service value for money?

I wouldn’t have described it as expensive. For my problem, and just how much it’s been affecting me, I was more than happy with the price, especially when you consider the results I’ve got from the sessions


What would you say to anybody considering Changes Welcome Hypnotherapy for help with their issues?

Just try it! You have nothing to loose. I would tell them my story, see if they could relate to It, and definitely recommend It!

Tom Gay, Stroud
28th January, 2016

Important note: This is Tom Gay’s story in his words about his experiences of Hypnotherapy in Stroud (Nailsworth), provided by him to help share his success story with other people, who could benefit.  The interactions between therapist and client is confidential, and we respect both our clients and their stories.  However, some stories are too inspiring to be left un-told.  That is why we routinely ask our clients to share their feedback and their stories.  Tom has given us his blessing to share his story and publish it on our site, and we never share anybody’s story without their prior consent.