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What is Dentophobia?

The term Dentophobia may not be as specific as you think. In fact, it’s the specific fear that we are best at helping with. When somebody is afraid of visiting the dentists there are a whole host of specific fears, which could be the cause for concern. It is through association that the fear becomes generalised within the context of the dental appointment and beyond. Here is a list of some of specific problems the person may be struggling with, all of which can be effectively helped using our techniques:

  • Fear of needles (Trypanophobia)
  • Fear of Vomiting (Emetophobia) – Terrifying: There’s no escape.
  • Fear of Pain
  • Fear of Diagnosis.
  • Fear of Numbness
  • Fear of Being Restrained
  • Fear of Authority
  • Fear of Choking
  • Fear of Anaesthetic
  • Fear if the Dental drill
  • Fear of Cotton Wool
  • Fear of Embarrassment
  • Fear of Buttons